spartyjet is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham


SpartyJet is a set of software tools for jet finding and analysis, built around the FastJet library of jet algorithms. SpartyJet provides four key extensions to FastJet: a simple Python interface to most FastJet features, a powerful framework for building up modular analyses, extensive input file handling capabilities, and a graphical browser for viewing analysis output and creating new on-the-fly analyses. Many of these capabilities rely on a ROOT-based backend. Beyond finding jets, many jet tools in SpartyJet perform measurement of jet or event variables, available to subsequent tools and stored in the final output.

Get SpartyJet

The most recent version of SpartyJet is version 4.0.2: spartyjet-4.0.2.tar.gz. (February 8, 2012)
4.0 is a major new release, incorporating most new FastJet 3 features, including many new external tools, and significantly extending the capabilities of the graphical interface. For more information, see the manual, now available on arXiv.

4.0.2 is a bug-fix release, fixing a compilation problem in gcc 4.3+. See the tracker for more details.

Bleeding Edge

You can get the very latest version by checking out the SVN trunk:

svn co spartyjet_local_name

Get Help with SpartyJet

See the manual and included documentation. You can also email the developers at verm at uw dot edu, huston at pa dot msu dot edu, or delsart at in2p3 dot fr.

Example: Boost 2011

The BOOST 2011 report incorporated a series of substructure comparisons, using FastJet-based tools implemented in SpartyJet. These tools stand alone and can be downloaded (for now) from the SpartyJet SVN browser; they're in the trunk/ExternalTools directory. The scripts used to define the BOOST analyses, scan input and output parameters, and make the comparison plots, can be found here.